Destiny Airlines, coming Soon™
Connecting Technology and People.
Destiny World: Where innovation meets community in the blockchain landscape. Explore DeFi, NFTs, and a vibrant ecosystem. Your journey into cryptocurrency begins here.

Our Token Contracts

DECO on Telos Native(destinytoken)

Auctions, Staking and Mining in our Native dApp

DECO on Telos EVM(0x7e1cfe10949A6086A28C38aA4A43fDeAB34f198A)

Prepare for our Multi-Chain EVM Journey. Tradable at Multiple DEXes

(You can Bridge DECO using Teleport from Ajor)

Welcome to Destiny World

Destiny World was built to connect Technology & People in a way to prepare everyday people to enjoy blockchains and cryptocurrency. But not the way we see today where the space is full of scams and rug-pulls and risky promise of fast money.

Think of it as a hub where everything is connected and awareness for projects, cryptocurrencies and communities is exposed. We have a running DeFi and NFT layer on the Telos Blockchains, and now we are expanding to BNB Chain.

Our name for building a multi-blockchain environment is Destiny Airlines. And the way to access these blockchains is through gamification and building utility. As an example, if you have cryptocurrency in one place, or an NFT, we add these into our system and give you access to new projects and even metaverses through a gamified journey. At the same time we build value for the projects responsible for their cryptocurrencies / Non-Fungible Tokens. ( NFTs).

Destiny World Telos Native

Our Native Decentralized Application with Auctions, Staking and Mining. Use a set of Telos Native Tokens and Support Minting of DECO. Supported Wallets are Wombat and Anchor. Tradable at Telos Swaps.

Destiny WOrld OG Image