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Destiny World: Where innovation meets community in the blockchain landscape. Explore DeFi, NFTs, and a vibrant ecosystem. Your journey into cryptocurrency begins here.

Our Token Contracts

DECO on Telos Native(destinytoken)

Auctions, Staking and Mining in our Native dApp

DECO on Telos EVM(0x7e1cfe10949A6086A28C38aA4A43fDeAB34f198A)

Prepare for our Multi-Chain EVM Journey. Tradable at Multiple DEXes

(You can Bridge DECO using Teleport from Ajor)

Welcome to Destiny World

Pioneers in the Blockchain Ecosystem. Creating real value and utility for communities and businesses through innovative DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse

Destiny World represents the fusion of technology and community, aiming to democratize blockchain and cryptocurrency access for everyone. By integrating GameFi, social platforms, and digital assets, we strive to extend the reach of blockchain technology to a broader audience.

Our vision is to build an inclusive, secure, and interconnected blockchain environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, breaking down barriers for mainstream adoption of blockchain.

Destiny World Nation

Social Networking
Destiny Nation is a central hub for community interaction, serving as a catalyst for connectivity and collaboration among users. This platform facilitates seamless connections, enabling users to engage with one another, share valuable insights, and actively participate in the broader crypto landscape

Destiny Nation Features

Destiny Airlines Journey Builder

Adventure Creation
NFT holders can use an online flow editor to create adventures for their NFTs. This means users can design custom experiences, quests, or stories for their digital assets. Read more at our Medium

Journey Builder Features

Destiny Airlines MetaVoid

MetaVoid P2E on Web3
The advent of Blockchain technology has enabled previously unseen possibilities. Tokenized properties and assets promised unprecedented realism in in-game economies of player controlled Metaverse. MetaVoid will be a trustless metaverse.

Meta Void Features

Destiny Airlines MetaCity

An upcoming online NFT platform building an online multiplayer action-adventure game, directing toward an open-world freedom gameplay. The MetaCity project aims to integrate a virtual economy, creating a new business where-by ‘real-world economic’ values are applied.

Meta City Features

Destiny World NFTs

Buff Alien Launch
As part of our EVM deployments and building utility for DECO, we are proud to announce that we will launch the first ordinary Alien NFT collection from Wayne Sheppard out of a planned 10 different themes.

Alien NFT Collection

Destiny World Telos Native

Our Native Decentralized Application with Auctions, Staking and Mining. Use a set of Telos Native Tokens and Support Minting of DECO. Supported Wallets are Wombat and Anchor. Tradable at Telos Swaps.

Destiny WOrld OG Image